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We fell in love with Pam and her fizzy factory after just one chill pill.

Founder and owner of Pam’s Fizzy Factory, Pam Fiske, creates eccentric, bright bath bombs, handcrafted soaps and all kinds of artisan bath goods. Fueled by a passion to make fun, beautiful products for everyone to enjoy, Pam began to incorporate CBD into her product line this year.  Despite not growing up in a cannabis-friendly household, Pam says “The demand (for a CBD line) became undeniable and the results are incredible.  I felt I owed it to my customers to offer the best products.”  Pam uses CBD isolate from hemp grown by U.S. farms – all of which are U.S. Hemp Authority Certified and third-party tested.

Other than employing website design specialists and marketing consultants, Pam runs her Fizzy Factory on her own and it’s impressive – the products are handcrafted and made fresh daily.  This creative genius offers bubble bars and bath bombs in shapes ranging from sharks, unicorns, sprinkled doughnuts and even Frapuccinos.  Since 2016, Pam’s Fizzy Factory’s goal has been to create effective yet unique, luxurious bath products to set the mood for any occasion.  Pam, a native of Chardon, Ohio, talks to us about her favorite item, the pain soothing salve:  “[It’s my favorite] simply because the results and reviews are phenomenal.  It really works to soothe your aches and provides a relaxing scent.”  

Let’s talk about our favorite – the 200 mg CBD-infused Chill Pill.  This bath bomb is appropriately named.  It comes odorless or in a spearmint and eucalyptus scent.  We love this, not just because it is bright and bold, but also soothing.  Our preference is for an aroma of eucalyptus and mint to fill the tub, creating a creamy white finish that dissipates into a clear, tranquil blue resembling a beautiful Caribbean beach.  It feels and looks like a Chill Pill, leaving the faint, pleasant smell on your skin for hours.  

Pam offers a CBD-free version of this bath bomb – “Chillin’ like a Villian” is made with epsom salts and avocado oil and will detoxify, soothe and moisturize your skin.

Follow Pam’s Fizzy Factory for new, handcrafted luxurious products – Pam will be releasing a full woman’s line of skincare products including face wash, moisturizer, body butter and foot cream!

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