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These are quite trying times, from an economic standpoint. Businesses are struggling to stay afloat and people are losing their jobs due to that. Many companies have had to cut down on their marketing budget to help augment some other departments like production and salary. This is in turn is putting a strain on their marketing efforts.

However, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Marketing is as much a science as it is an art. Creativity is a key weapon that every marketer must possess in order to achieve their goals.

The internet has made marketing a bit easier because everyone is online these days. In this post, you’ll learn a number of cost-effective methods to help you boost your marketing efforts in these tough times.

Content Marketing Is King

The rise of the internet has given birth to quite unconventional marketing methods, and with the continued optimization of these methods, content marketing has reached a really high level of effectiveness. Content marketing simply put, is a marketing method that allows you to meet your target audience at different stages of the customer journey, through content delivered in different formats and served on different platforms.

The content formats could be text, audio, video or a combination of both. These could be blog posts, website content, FAQ, how-to videos, product reviews, social media posts etc. Content could also be in the form of live events like seminars, webinars, tutorials etc. Platforms on which your content can be served include websites, blogs, video content platforms, social media etc.

Asides from the fact it is relatively cheap to practice, content marketing helps your marketing in innumerable ways. It helps your business show the hidden human side. It is not uncommon today to see businesses putting out video content with one of their employees explaining their roles in the company. Sometimes it is a Twitter Q&A session with the boss. Empathy is a strong point with your audience and the more of your human side you show, the more people develop an emotional bond with your brand.

Also, content marketing helps you show your expertise in the industry while solving your audience’s pain points, just perfect for marketing on a limited budget.

Email Marketing Must Never Be Ignored

As far as lead generation and remarketing is concerned, email is perhaps the cheapest and most effective option you can use today. Every minute of the day, 200 million emails are being sent out across the world. In the US alone, 72% of adults indicated that they prefer to be contacted via email, while 91% say they prefer to receive promotional information via their email addresses.

To boost this, internet marketing is becoming increasingly mobile and a great deal of smartphone users run on the android operational system. This also makes email marketing a marketing channel that you can’t afford to ignore, especially in a time like this when the economy is strained.


Any business that wants to succeed must see referrals as an integral part of their marketing plans.  Word of mouth marketing does something no other marketing form can do, it conveys that human trust that none of your marketing efforts can hope to match.

When your product/service is great, you will naturally have customers who would spread the word about it.  Still, you can’t rely on just that. You need to make it a point of duty to tell them at every point of sale that your business could use their referrals.

Alternatively, you could create a referral campaign in which the customer gets something when they refer your business. This will help provide the needed boost that would make them quite eager to share the word about your product to their friends and loved ones.

Social media is another marketing channel that is as cheap as it is effective. It also doubles as a customer service channel and aids your content marketing efforts. A limited budget should not stop your marketing or prevent you from reaching your goals if you implement these options carefully.    

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