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Let Me Help You Grow

I’ll put my experience and know-how to work for you as you work to improve your life or business. Read on to learn about my services.

My Specialties

My experience lies in building people and building businesses. Have consulting needs? I’m your guide. Looking for help with pre-settlement funding, Social Security Disability advocacy, or structured settlements? I’m all ears!


Looking Glass Runners

Pre-settlement Funding

Looking Glass Legal

Social Security Disability Advocacy

Pinnacle Disability Group

Smart Homes

Simply Smart Homes

Structured Settlements

Pinnacle Structures

IRS tax relief services

Brightside Tax Relief

Law Firm

Jafri Law Firm

Wedding and Event Planning

Wedding Unicorn


You Gro Boi

Let's Start This Party

Ready to get started? Reach out and tell me a bit about your project...

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