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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – a diagnosis full of cosmetic nuisances & physical pain to be dealt with, impacting an estimated 8-12% of women.
Ovarian Cysts, irregular and / or heavy periods, breakouts, thick or rapid hair growth and nerve & skin sensitivity are just a some of the side effects a woman with PCOS may have to adjust to.  These imbalances are manifested by a combination of nutritional and metabolic problems which adversely affect insulin and other hormones.
PCOS is a pain in the ass, but the world doesnt end.  There are a plenty of things to be done about being dealt a shitty hand of luck.  
For your vanity and overgrown hair frustration, Laser Hair Removal is an effective solution.  Working best for thick, dark hair, LHR can be painful, especially for women with PCOS; as nerve sensitivity is heightened due to hormonal imbalances.  Be sure to mention that you have PCOS at your salon or spa and spend the extra few bucks on numbing cream.  

Investing in LHR is not just for those with PCOS – anyone tired of shaving & waxing and associates razor burns, bumps & ingrown hairs should look into it.  There are tons of SPAs offering laser hair removal services.  For the NYC folks – my favorite salon is SkinPrologica by 23 st (I always go to Eataly afterwards).  

For your breakouts & internal regulation – give topical & ingestible CBD a try.  CBD helps to reduce internal and external inflammation & redness. 

You can ingest CBD a number of ways – edibles (gummies, candies, lollipops, tinctures), topical application (creams, oils, salves, balt salts, bath bombs), and smoke it.  

My favorite gummies are from CBD NYC – they are just really cute 20 mg CBD baby bears with a great fruit flavor and no hempy afterstate.  They also arent powdered with sugar which can irritate your tongue.  Lastly and most importantly (the purse), im a cheap-o and compared prices of gummies to find that these are the best bang for your buck when you calculate the price per mg ($50 for 600 mg).  The bears on the hunt for honey are void of THC & Gluten and sourced from NON GMO, organic USA grown Hemp. 


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