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Millions of people are favoring CBD cream, rubs & topical patches for pain relief over prescriptions (see Martha Stewart’s latest commitment to CBD).  Whether its an alleviation of pain from arthritis, achy joints, muscles, sciatica, or recovering from a grueling workout – all of these products are to be applied directly to the area of pain or discomfort.  Our team has tried 6 different CBD options for pain relief.  Here is where we landed on the best, the worst and the in between: 

1. Best: CBD NYC Pain Relief Rub with EMU, 500 mg of CBD

This is our favorite rub for pain relief, for 2 simple reasons: its cheap & effective.  At $49.99 for 500 mg of CBD, CBD NYC provides an affordable option for pain relief.  The inclusion of EMU really caught our eye.  EMU is a an oil derived from fatty acid and connective tissue of an ostrich looking bird, native to Australia.  You can find many EMU products without CBD, but combining the two ingredients provides a synergy which amplify the benefits.  EMU became popular when studies began to show that it quickly absorbs into the skin, working as the delivery agent for the CBD, but also providing natural anti-inflammatory benefits itself. 

2. Favored: CBD Medic Muscle & Joint Advanced Pain Relief Travel Pack from Harmon’s

The individual travel packets are super convenient when you are on the go; whether in your gym bag, luggage or purse.  One box contains 10 travel packs, filled with camphor, menthol & CBD.  The ointment is potent, immediately providing a tingly cool feeling on your skin.  Inactive ingredients include organic beeswax & a plethora of oils (clove, cottonseed, eucalyptus, jojoba seed, peppermint, tea tree & the beloved hemp). 

3. Favored: Global Cannabinoid Patch, 120 mg of CBD (Broad Spectrum)

These topical CBD patches contain just one ingredient: 100% Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil (CBD that contains the full plant profile, stripped of the psychoactive THC cannabinoid). Each 120 mg patch can be worn up to 8 hours and is also water resistant (but not water proof).  Apply directly to the area of pain as long as it is void of ample hair growth as this is an adhesive product.  The Hemp sourcing GC products are grown in Oregon, Colorado & North Carolina.

4. Favored: Sagely Naturals Relief & Recovery Cream

This 2 oz bottle of “Relief & Recovery” CBD cream has a wonderful minty, menthol scent. It is a lightweight cream made with essential oils which help it go on smooth & silky. Made in the States with no sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances or artificial colors or dyes, it contains 25 mg of Full Spectrum CBD per bottle. We really like this cream because it absorbs quickly without a sticky, greasy feeling. More importantly, it is effective at combating temporary aches & discomfort. Reviewers favor application on the lower back, using a hand massager to rub in for superior impact. 

5. Worst: Populum Cold Rub Therapy, 100 mg of CBD (Full Spectrum)

We noticed moderate relief when applying this cooling cream to sore muscles & joints.  With 100 mg of CBD in the entire bottle (which isnt a high dosage for 3 oz), this Hemp smells a bit like Viks vape rub.  Populum adds aloe vera to the mix, which we reckon helps heal the skin, while aiming to target pain points below the surface. The Full Spectrum CBD is also coupled with Chamomile & Arnica (rich in anti bruising & anti microbial properties).  A decent choice for muscle soreness and lactic acid build ups post workouts, but not the most effective rub for pain relief.  USA Made; about $35 a bottle

6. Worst: Joy Organics Lavender Salve

The jar is small and expense.  Since it is a salve rather then a rub, you’ve really got to rub it in to ensure absorption.  The Lavender smell is nice & calming but not as powerful as any of the other items we’ve tried.

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